Moving towards high-end digitalisation.


Controlled and dynamic indoor communication

Indoor Led display screen

Greater brightness, more possibilities with ever larger formats, useable in window displays; indoor LED communication will soon be everywhere!

Our Prismatronic Indoor LED screens operate using the best technology the market has to offer: SMD technology with a “Die Cast” structure for modular and lightweight communication.

  • Pitch from 2.8 to 4.8 mm.

Indoor LED billboardIndoor Led Screen


A super bright version for use in already well-lit areas or window displays.


Indoor Advertising LED billboard for POP




Different locations for better and enhanced communication:

  • Portatif screen
  • Suspended screen
  • Wall screen

Advertising digital displayLED Screen Point Of Purchase


After sales services and technical support from our French structures and foreign subsidiaries.
We develop your digital communication projects with your people, we offer technical advice, install the solution, start them up and provide after sales services.


They have placed their trust in Prismaflex LED expertise and selected French products for enhanced security:

Super LED

  • Eye-catching communication thanks to static or animated images.
  • Autonomous content management
  • Pitch: 2.8 to 4.8 mm
    Super bright: 5000 nits in High brightness version
  • Black LED encapsulation for an enhanced contrast
  • Factory colour calibrationthen on-site re-calibration
  • SMD Technology: better contrast, greater viewing angle, sharper image


Optional extra
LED display surround to blend in with the surroundings.




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