Digital printing and manufacturer of communication supports.


Jean-Philippe Delmotte

“I consider there are three key issues to digital printing.

First, digitalisation should enable a much higher service quality in terms of reactivity and personalisation. Second, it is essential that the costs incurred are more in line with those you find with analog printing, and finally it is important to adapt digital printing techniques to the products traditionally printed with analog technologies and even use digital print technology to develop new products. To achieve this, we need to work up and downstream of the machines to offer our clients the flexibility of everything digital at an industrial cost.”

Jean-Philippe Delmotte,
Co-founder and Managing Director Prismaflex International



Industrial strength

Prismaflex is one of only a few providers worldwide able to manufacture street furniture and advertising displays and provide wide format digital printing solutions. This twofold expertise positions Prismaflex International as a global provider for advertising specialists, covering all segments of the market:

  • POP, indoor and outdoor,
  • Events imaging, from small to monumental,
  • Information displays,
  • Posting.

Timeline of wide format digital printing at PRISMAFLEX

  • 1988 : Creation of Prismaflex
  • 1991 : 1st wide format digital printer
  • 1992 : Print subsidiaries in the UK and Spain
  • 1994 : 1st 300 dpi electrostatic machine
  • 1999 : Print subsidiary in Canada
  • 2001 :1st  300 dpi wide format digital machine
  • 2011 : ISO 14001 Certification
  • 2015 : 50th wide format digital printer acquired by Prismaflex International!



Big Format Printing on Louvre Pyramide
Monumental print created in collaboration with the artist JR and JCDecaux


Excellence and service

  • 50 wide format digital printers.
  • 150 employees at our French print site.
  • 5 printing plants around the world:
    • France,
    • UK,
    • Spain,
    • Canada,
    • South Africa.
  • 6 million m²/printed per year.
  • Printing capacity of 8,600 m² per dayin France.
  • Digital technologies used:
    • Roll to roll and flatbed,
    • UV and aqueous,
    • 3 and 5 metre wide printing,
    • 300 to 1080 dpi.
  • Finishing and Machining services:
    • Cutting all types of substrates (flexible, rigid, adhesives),
    • High frequency welding, industrial sewing, grommet setting,
    • Folding and Zip/Velcro application,
    • Logistics platform and packaging plant.

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eye-catching window displaysManufacturing communication supports: innovation and quality

With three French-based production plants, Prismaflex has both the machines and the know-how to meet all your finishing and display requirements. Whatever the format, small, large or extra-large, advertising professionals the world over have placed their trust in us.

Prismaflex can provide you with the solution the best suited to your needs to:

  • Attract visitors from parking areas.
  • Enhance your facades.
  • Attract shoppers to your stores thanks to eye-catching window displays.
  • Help visitors find their way thanks to effective information
  • Enhance your POP to make it more shopper-friendly.
  • Make the most of check-out time to communicate and reassure.


Clothing workshop

Large format printing

Industrial digital printing

Large format advertising

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