Prismaflex International is closely and actively involved in a number of projects with key players from the world of advertising, outdoor communication and digital printing.



Logo FEPE, European Federation of Outdoor AdvertisingFEPE

Fédération Européenne de la Publicité Extérieure

FEPE, the worldwide association of outdoor advertising companies, is committed to working for the benefit of the global OOH industry, facilitating the implementation of standards and norms. Prismaflex has been a platinum sponsor of the association since 2012.


Digital Media Club LogoClub du digital media

Formerly DMAF (Digital Media Association France), the Club du Digital Media aims at promoting new innovative forms of media and communication formats and participating in the evolution of the economic, regulatory and technological issues.


Logo SNPE, National Union of Outdoor AdvertisingSNPE

Syndicat National de la Publicité Extérieure

The SNPE National Outdoor Advertising Union is committed to the support, professionalisation, and promotion of outdoor advertising in France in compliance with the standards and economic and environmental issues at stake.


Synafel logoSynafel

Syndicat National de l’Enseigne et de la Signalétique

The SYNAFEL is a trade association that brings together professionals operating in the sectors of the sign, signage, marking, and decoration and engraving. The association contributes to the competitiveness of the professionals and is committed to seeing the regulations and standards evolve for the benefit of the companies it represents.


Light Cluster LogoCluster Lumière

Prismaflex is an active member of Cluster Lumière, an initiative aimed at bringing together laboratories, manufacturers, users and municipal authorities to “become a European reference for lighting” by offering “innovative, functional, eco-friendly efficient lighting solutions”.




Outdoor Advertising Association of America

OAAA is a trade association representing the outdoor advertising industry since 1981. It is committed to protecting, uniting and defending the interests of the outdoor advertising industry.


Only OOHOnly OOH

Only Out Of Home

Only OOH is an association of suppliers in the advertising sector.
The aim is to create ties between the various players through the organisation of events as opportunities to meet, exchange and share views on the future of this media.




Prismaflex International also sponsors various projects that go far beyond its initial calling.



Villeurbanne and Lyon Basketball Club


Lou Rugby logoLe LOU

Lyon Rugby Club.


Jazz Logo in VienneVienne jazz festival

Internationally-renowned Jazz Festival with a large part of the concerts performed live in the Antique Theatre.


Lyly FestivalLyly

Festival Lyrique en Lyonnais

The festival is a means for the general public to discover more about opera and symphonic music. For the 2017 festival, Prismaflex printed posters, roll-up banners, stage settings… for the Lyrique en Lyonnais association.