Digitalising cities: outdoor digital screens seeing in the smart city age.

Manufacturing light-emitting advertising displays for cities

For more than 30 years Prismaflex International has been the leading manufacturer of advertising solutions for municipalities. Constantly looking to serve district communities we have developed unparalleled expertise in the management of city projects in both France and abroad.

With a strong focus on innovation, the Group became the first manufacturer to propose colour LED screens produced in its own French sites, controlling the whole process from the design, to the production, installation and after-sales support for its EIDelectronic information displays for district communities.

In order to satisfy their need to innovate, Prismaflex today proposes cities LED displays with a range of designs and functions. These simple and secure solutions enable communities to enhance the proximity with their inhabitants via electronic light-emitting information displays.

Panneau MURANO

A smart city serving its inhabitants

This new generation of street furniture meets the new requirements of connected information systems: LED displays giving the weather, the news, the quality of the air, etc.

Our Prismatronic display range leads the new generation of street furniture rendering the cities of tomorrow more dynamic, smart, informed, innovative and connected.

Prismaflex International is the ideal partner for all your digital projects.

LED city light for towns
LED city light for towns
Panneau affichage JEI mairie
Electronic Information Display
grand panneau d'informations LED meteo collectivité
Large format LED billboard for cities

The advantages of Prismaflex display solutions:

    • Benefit from a large selection of LED displays with different designs and formats (city light, EID, large format display).
    • Real-time information, content management, increase the proximity with your inhabitants with our electronic information displays for district communities.
      (Give the weather, the time, latest news and promote events in your city with our LED displays).
    • Durable and resistant to bad weather thanks to a modular aluminium structure.

Guaranteeing the success of your project

Simple and fluid content management

logiciel de contrôle des panneaux pour villes
The end of glue-posting. Our software solution lets you manage the content of your information displays.

  • Super easy
  • Totally safe
  • No additional material requirements

Services and support

suivi des clients pour les panneaux de villes
Prismaflex International looks after all technical operations.

  • Selecting display locations
  • Defining electrical and Internet hook up points
  • Helping select the right material
  • Installing the electronic displays
  • Maintaining and servicing of digital screens

The quality of made in France

fabricant français de panneaux JEI
Prismaflex International certifies its LED information screens are made in France.
• Selection of the most appropriate material
• Produced and integrated in France
• Quality controlled

Flexible financing solutions!

[Prices and rates] For your smart information displays, Prismaflex proposes flexible financing with a leasing solution:

  • Get an immediate return on your investment
  • Preserve your credit line availability
  • Upgrade your screens as technologies evolve, even before the end of your contract
  • Invest while safeguarding your equity
  • A leasing solution for a healthy-looking balance sheet

District community, city or village? A question, advice or a quote for our electronic Information Displays?

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