A smart urban innovation from Prismatronic : Digitize Your Communication with our 2 mm LED screens

As the undisputed innovator in outdoor LED advertising solutions, Prismatronic are proud to present their most recent digital integrations with the pioneering 2 mm pitch LED outdoor screens; an innovative breakthrough to challenge all LCD standards.

With this 2 mm pitch LED technology, Prismatronic, a leading player in the design and manufacture of digital street furniture is redefining outdoor communication by offering media groups and municipalities a revolutionary solution. Discover how our solution outperforms the LCD competition with significant advantages in terms of brightness, field of view, power consumption, reliability, lifespan and long-term maintenance, while at the same time perfectly integrating traditional street furniture such as totems, bus shelters and display columns.

mobilier urbains digitaux 1
colonne digitale installée à Hambourg
  • Outstanding Brightness
    Our 2 mm pitch LED technology offers exceptional sun-cutting brightness. Each pixel plays a role in maximising the impact of your message to transform each display space into a dynamic and eye-catching image.
  • Unprecedented Field of View
    The Prismatronic 2 mm LED screens ensures your messages are never lost, whatever the angle, captivating passers-by and maximising the effectiveness of your communication.
  • Significant Energy Savings
    Reduce your operating costs by adopting an eco-friendly approach. Our LED screens require up to 40% less energy compared with LCD screens, increasing your opportunities for use and deployment.
  • Built-in Reliability and Durability
    Prismatronic guarantees the reliability of their LED screens, promising a robust and durable solution made to stand up to the challenges of any urban environment. Our commitment to quality means screens designed to operate however harsh the weather conditions.
  • Long-term Insurable Material Maintenance
    Simplify the management of your display area with a long-term material maintenance insurance. Our LED screens need less servicing which reduces the costs and means you get more time to communicate.
  • Seamless Integration
    Our LED screens have been designed to combine perfectly with traditional street furniture such as totems, bus shelters and display columns. By bringing together functionality and design, you can transform each of your elements into a dynamic communication platform.

Go for Prismatronic and innovation. Revolutionise urban communication with our smart-fitting 2 mm LED screens. Maximise your visibility, optimise your communication, and create connected, eye-catching displays. Get in touch now to revolutionise your approach to outdoor communication!