Swedish quality from small to super large format: PRISMAPLUS, the most successful trivision ever.


Trivision for Lexus
In 1999, Prismaflex International began marketing the market’s best Trivision: Prismaplus, following the acquisition of the Swedish firm Prisma World Sign.
Manufactured in Sweden since 1976, based on innovations found in the Trivision displays from Worldsign, our Prismaplus is recognised as the sturdiest and the best value for money on the market.


  • The use of aluminium means it is lighter without altering its solidity.
  • Several thousand Prismaplus trivisions still running after 30 years of loyal service!
  • Unmatched return on investment.


Posting solutions for the three sides of the trivision


Split Version

Split display system

Each side of the prisms has a removeable strip. The printed adhesives are simply stuck to the aluminium strips.

Advantages: removeable strips: posting from the ground.

HDP Version

HDP display system

HDP aluminium zinc prism or Slide up system for the glue-free posting of your trivision signs. The semi-rigid poster is cut into prism-wide strips. The strips simply slide up the prism faces and are held securely in place thanks to transparent clips along each prism.

Advantages: dry-posting / easy campaign changing without any specific tools.


Trivision panel 12m²
12 m² double-sided monopole trivision sign with overhead lighting
Trivision panel 8m²
8 m² framed trivision with overhead lighting


Trivision for Géant Casino

A wide choice of applications

  • Media network:post 3 campaigns simultaneously for greater visibility and a quick return on investment.
  • Bridges and gantries:modular and equipped with all the required safety equipment, our Trivision displays can be installed in all strategic locations for maximum impact.
  • Monumental signs:what could be more eye-catching than a giant dynamic sign! Unlimited possibilities!
  • Stadium:to optimise all those barriers in stadiums and arenas.
  • Road signs:variable message road signs (direction, speed limits, warning signs, tolls, etc.). The sign must comply with strict quality standards and operate in even the most extreme weather conditions.




Technical features

Documents available for downloading

Exploded views

Spare parts

Our technical and sales teams are on hand to help you define the best choice according to your needs.



Reduced environmental impact

KeyLight: Go for LED lighting!

KeyLight from Prismaflex: Performance and eco-friendly. Our LED lighting system uses 35 % less energy than a traditional fluorescent tube lighting system while offering up to 60,000 hours of uninterrupted quality lighting.

KeyLight requires only limited servicing and maintenance operations thanks to the extended lifespan of the LEDs, their performance in extreme weather conditions and the ease of access to the power supply.


With KeyLight, reduce your maintenance costs and dramatically improve your energy performance rating.