The Prismaflex International R&D department has developed a 2 m² energy autonomous static backlit sign!


Autonomous planimeter

Energy autonomous sun-powered city light!

A technological breakthrough and proof of Prismaflex International commitment to developing sustainable solutions.

The numerous advantages:

  • No hook-up costs.
  • Zero power consumption.
  • No foundation work and earthing required.



An energy-autonomous sign

2 m² energy-autonomous scrolling sign (double-sided static / scrolling) using the sun and Blue Tech® technology.
The fully integrated photovoltaic cells in the upper section of the sign provide the power for the scrolling and backlight mechanisms.
On the front, you have 3 scrolling backlit posters; on the back, an LT campaign printed on a special optical substrate hides the photovoltaic cells.


Advantages of Blue Tech®

  • No hook-up costs.
  • Zero energy costs.
  • Ready to run: no foundation work and earthing required.
  • Smart lighting possibilities – on/off control.
  • Rapid poster changes.
  • Efficient low-maintenance brushless motor.
  • Fully compliant with Grenelle II Environment Act in terms of lighting pollution (smart lighting technology for lighting times and brightness control…).
  • Several designs available.


Autonomous monopod planimeter


4 autonomous city light designs

autonomous monopod planimeter
Monopole Design
autonomous planimeter bars design
Baro Design
Autonomous monopod planimeter
Flame Design
full-width solar autonomous planimeter
Totem Design