Ideal for formats between 6 m² and 12 m²


large exterior panelMOVIFLEX

With the innovative Rigiflex® tensioning system, Moviflex means safe quick and easy face-changing from the ground without any ladders or having to hire a cherry-picker.

  • Quick and easy face-changing.
  • Ideal for frequent turnaround campaigns.
  • Face-changing can be performed by your POP employees.
  • Effective face tensioning system for long-term campaigns.

long conservation panel

LC Kit (Long conservation Kit)

A simple and discreet glue-free face tensioning kit for long term campaigns on traditional 8 m² and 12 m² billboards. Transforming and enhancing traditional billboards!

  • Eye-catching presentation.
  • Perfect tensioning.
  • Quick and easy posting: just 15 minutes needed to post a 12 m² billboard (remove the profiles, position the poster, replace the profiles).


Cristal Kit

The ideal kit for rapid and safe dry posting from the ground. Available in 8 m² and 12 m² formats for use on:

  • Existing traditional billboards after removing the profiles.
  • Or delivery of a complete framed or free-standing display.
  • Quick and easy posting: less than 10 minutes to change a 12 m² poster.
  • Safe: posting from the ground.

outdoor panel with frame


indoor canvas

Z Frame + Graph’it

Our Z frame is a wall or free-standing unit fitted with hook and loop strips to receive a printed Graph’it® skin for quick, simple and eco-friendly communication!

  • Quick and easy postingthanks to our innovative Graph’it® substrate (hook and loop system).
  • Our exclusive eco-friendly Graph’it® material is made of recycled materials, is lightweight, crease-free and tear-proof.
  • The lightweight and adaptable structure offers several format possibilities.
  • Excellent value for money.


Z lightbox + Graph’it

The static backlit lightbox with surrounding trim for our hook and loop substrate is an effective and eco-friendly solution for backlit communication. The sign is ideal for parking areas and store fronts, has magnetic closures, is available with or without lighting and is fitted with hook and loop strips ready to receive our exclusive Graph’it® substrate.

  • Perfect for frequent campaign turnarounds: reduced posting time thanks to our innovative Graph’it® hook and loop substrate.
  • Our exclusive eco-friendly Graph’it® material is made of recycled materials, is lightweight, crease-free and tear-proof.
  • The lightweight and adaptable structure offers several format
  • Outstanding value for money.
light box with frame for outdoor


outdoor canvas


A free-standing display with horizontal tensioning for perfectly taut banners! Designed exclusively for eye-catching banner communication, the Roll’it is for parking areas, can be single or double-sided, and is available with or without the lighting system.

  • Easy to fix to the uprights: the Roll’it is shoulder height for quick and easy posting in just 3 minutes.
  • Refined design.


MX lightbox

A backlit face-tensioning frame for bright POP communication. Framed or free-standing, single or double-sided, our MX lightbox is available in three styles:

  • The standard MX Lightbox.
  • The MX Slim, for even brighter lighting.
  • The MX Extra-Slim, the slimmest of all Lightboxes.
  • First class communication: full face, homogenous backlighting, carefully designed box depth, top quality printing.
  • Quick and easy face-tensioning: the sown on plastic surround simply slides into the frame. Ideal for frequent campaign turnarounds.
  • Low power consumptionthanks to the LED backlighting system.

These lightboxes are specifically designed for their flexibility and ease of use and enable you to adapt your communication to your environment and the style of your displays.

LED advertising panel for indoor


rigid canvas for interior

MX frame

The indoor face-tensioning frame for quality communication! A single or double-sided unlit frame. It can be either fitted to a wall or free-standing and is ideal for check-out areas and effective information displays.

  • First class communication: full face posting coupled with sublimation printing technology.
  • Quick and easy posting: a plastic surround sewn onto the face simply slides into the frame (easy to use release grip to remove faces).


MX Cube

Our rotating backlit cube takes your communication to new heights. The suspended structure is backlit and motorised, has 4 or 5 full face visuals taking your communication into a new dimension.

  • Enhanced visibility of your communication: visible from a distance, the MX Cube is ideal for displaying shopper information.
  • Simple and lightweight for ease of use.
Backlit cube


Adhesive panel for showcase


A wide selection of high-end stickers to meet all your needs! Prismaflex prints: standard stickers, either transparent or non-transparent for long-term campaigns, repositionable stickers, transparent or opaque, for greater flexibility, micro-perforated stickers, to see without being seen and let the light shine through and plasticized floor decals, with a non-slip treatment in compliance with applicable standards.

  • Optional finishes: mirror printing, white ink backing, plasticization for underfoot campaigns.
  • Tailored formats.

If you are looking to give an added impact to your window displays, our extensive range of sticker solutions is what you need!



PVC banner held in place using the eyelets: simple quality at its best. Advertising banner with peripheral eyelets for fixing with cables and tighteners or directly to a wall with plugs, screws and washers.

  • Economical: PVC skin.
  • Easy to assemble.
outdoor canvas


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