Intuitive tools to manage content and monitor your displays.



Our LED displays come with a broad service offer enabling you to manage them from your office!

Prismatronic Billboard Manager:
Remote LED display control software.

Prismatronic Content Manager:
User-friendly web interface for remote content management and content change for your complete display network.


You are not alone!
Our teams are here to accompany you as your project evolves
and on hand to provide assistance with the installation, software training and maintenance.


PCM : Prismatronic Content Manager

PCM : prismatronic content manager

Content management software


Our Prismatronic Content Manager (PCM) enables you to create and control your LED display content. Content is managed remotely and in real time. Our PCM means you can display static images, text and videos, program your playlists…

  • Real-time content updates, reporting…
  • One-off content or playlists.
  • Simple and user-friendly software.
  • Workshops: software training sessions.




control operation of the led panels

BBM : Billboard Manager

Remote control software

Our Prismatronic BillBoard Manager (BBM), is a control and monitoring system designed to manage your Prismatronic LED display.


Powerful and easy-to-use software:

  • Constant remote monitoring of your display
  • Brightness control
  • Remote re-calibration
  • Automatic anomaly detection for each module
  • History

Anomaly detection

  • Module anomalies are detected instantly and remotely
  • Each colour is tested individually