More than 30 years serving professionals of the advertising world and municipal authorities to make cities more beautiful!

Prismatronic implantations

Developing and manufacturing

Our complete design and production process is our competitive advantage and having a global vision and full control of all areas of production means the consistency and quality of our products is assured.

Prismaflex International’s manufacturing resources, principally located in France and Germany, put the Group in a strong position to satisfy client requirements by:

  • Creating specific and innovative
  • Manufacturing complete product lines: tri-visions, scrolling, bus shelters, display columns, city lights, billboards, structures…

A brief history of prismaflex street furniture

  • 1988: Creation of Prismaflex
  • 2000: Subsidiary in Sweden with acquisition of Prisma | Production of the Trivision range
  • 2006: Creation of the Street furniture unit
  • 2010: Subsidiary in Germany with acquisition of Distec | Expansion of production capacity
  • 2011: Creation of the Blue Tech autonomous sign range
  • 2014: Subsidiary in Russia
  • 2017: Tightened partnerships on street furniture tenders in Saint-Etienne (France) and Madrid (Spain)
  • 2018: Acquisition of our US plant Anthem Displays and opening of our automated production plant Prismatronic China
  • 2023: Development of the Adix range for CITYZMEDIA
Design of a passenger shelter
Design of a bus shelter
Latest technology: 5-axis aluminum cutting machine
Latest technology:   5-axis aluminium cutting machine
Display column, Cabourg, France
Display column, Cabourg, France

Services and excellence

As a designer and manufacturer, Prismaflex International also offers after sales support and services for all the products it delivers. For 30 years now, we have been manufacturing, delivering and maintaining our products the world over. Their robustness and long working life, whatever the environment, have helped build their reputation for excellence.

Forever attentive to what our clients have to say, Prismaflex continually comes up with new designs and products while improving their use, energy consumption and impact on the environment.


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