The best of LED technology adapted to the point of sale.


High Definition Nomad Led Display

Single-sided 1m² 2.5 pitch LED screen for indoor usage.

  • Easy to use for eye-catching quality communication.
  • 800 nits for a brightness more than double than with an LCD screen for an average power consumption of just 300 w/m².
  • The screen can be controlled using a laptop or tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, USB or HDMI cable.
    You manage your content as you please and in real-time.



One screen, many possibilities

Suitable for use in shopping arcades, malls,
POS check out areas and window displays,
tourist offices and other public venues
for advertising and informative purposes…



Super Simple

Communicating has never been easier!

Three quick and easy ways to display content on your Digital Banner:

  • Using a USB memory stick you plug directly to the Digital Banner
  • Using an HDMI cable linking the Digital Banner to your laptop or tablet
  • Via WIFI for the remote transfer of data from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to your Digital Banner.

digital banner connected by wifi, HDMI or USB


Super Slim, Super light

Super slim and lightweight, your Digital banner can go wherever you go.

  • Lightweight: 55 kg
  • Base fitted with castor wheels for easy positioning.
  • Travel bag and padded case for your events, shows… To bring it with you safely.


Travel bag for LED screen    padded case



And also…


  • The same content can be displayed on several Digital Banners simultaneously. Your message becomes visible in different parts of your store at the same time.
  • Our digital banner can be personalized with between 1 and 5 rows of modules.

The Digital Banner adapts to your requirements.


  • Framed, suspended or freestanding, anywhere you want.
  • And your communication is everywhere.



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