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Prismaflex catalogues

Prismatronic: LED it be

Our LED IT BE Book presents in a series of pictures and graphics of our Prismatronic LED displays up and running around the world: France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, USA, Russia, South Africa…

Prismatronic: the only complete line of LED integrated screens designed and manufactured for the OOH advertising market.

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Catalogue LED Prismatronic

LED Prismatronic

In May 2015, Prismaflex launched the first digital display catalogue.
With full details of:

  • Our full product range,
  • Information about the technology, expertise and our full service offer.

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LED catalogue for the cities

LED catalogue for the cities

As a preferred partner of professionals of the outdoor advertising sector for more than 30 years, today Prismaflex turns to municipal authorities and town-halls to propose a line of electronic information displays. Our outdoor LED colour screens enhance the proximity between the city and its inhabitants. Whether single-sided or double-sided, vertical, horizontal or square format, our digital displays blend in perfectly with their urban surroundings while clearly communicating your messages. Discover our full line of solutions for communicating with the people in our new catalogue devoted specifically to municipalities.

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LED catalogue for POS and retail outlets – Outdoor

Prismaflex has developed a range of digital signage specifically designed for POS and retail outlets. Our outdoor dynamic display solutions can be installed at all the strategic points in shopping malls and major retailers. Benefit from our digital signs to create eye-catching communication on the approach roads, service stations, parking areas and also your façades. Discover our full line of solutions in our exclusive POS and retail catalogue.

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Book Street Furniture

Our Street Furniture Book presents in a series of pictures our Prismaflex planimeter, passenger shelters and columns displays up and running around the world: France, Ireland, Jordan, Russia, Morocco, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain…

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Street furniture and advertising displays

Prismaflex launches its first analogue products catalogue: street furniture and advertising displays: static, scrolling, trivision…
As with the LED catalogue, the complete product range is presented, the service offer and also synergies with other Group activities.

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Prismaflex International presented its first POP catalogue at the C!Print show. Discover full details of our POP communication solutions and applications.

From our LED displays to banners, a selection of Indoor and Outdoor solutions… simply everything you need!

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LED for pop and retail

Building on the success of our POP catalogue, Prismaflex has enhanced and enlarged its line of digital solutions for the POP and Retail sector.
Whether you are a store or shopping mall… check out our full range of digital solutions designed and produced to meet your needs.

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CSR documentCSR Document

Prismaflex has been tracking its environmental and social impact for over 10 years.

The wide-format printer and manufacturer of advertising displays has succeeded in combining innovation and ecology, know-how and commitment, expertise and environment.

This document carefully details all the actions deployed to respect these objectives, presenting the company’s full CSR policy and programme.

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Prismaflex Magazines (Flex Up)

Prismaflex regularly publishes Flex UP OOH, a magazine devoted to OOH advertising. It gives details of market trends and offers solutions imagined by Prismaflex. For the Retail sector Flex UP POP presents all our solutions for eye-catching POP communication: from LED displays to banners, lightboxes, frames…

Flex up ooh no. 3: digital generation

Flex up ooh no. 3: digital generation

In this third issue:

  • Focus on our new Russian subsidiary
  • Our strength: the men and women who work for us.
  • Autonomous signs
  • Digital printing and respect for the environment
  • Prismaflex and sport

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Flex up ooh no. 2: eco-friendly communicationFlex up ooh no. 2: eco-friendly communication

In this second issue:

  • Latest news from our subsidiaries
  • STORMFLEX, the new generation
  • Street furniture: Prismaflex wanted worldwide
  • LED, a fast-growing market for Prismaflex
  • Our Blue Tech® energy-autonomous displays
  • Inauguration of the Green & Digital Center

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Flex up ooh no. 1: led displays, smart communicationFlex up ooh no. 1: led displays, smart communication

In this first issue:

  • Our Curba Neo scrolling sign, reliable and cost-effective
  • Stormflex: dry posting + backlit = a winning duo
  • Prismatronic: so much more than an LED screen
  • Blue Tech® energy-autonomous displays
  • Wide format digital printing

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