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Panneau publicitaire sans colle
Glue-free billboard thanks to our LT KIT


Photo du kit
Photo of the LT KIT

LC Kit

A simple and discreet face tensioning kit for 8 m² or 12 m² traditional billboards.

With our exclusive LT KIT you are no longer required to scrape clean your billboards. Fits all existing traditional billboards.


The advantages:

  • High quality presentation.
  • Perfect tensioning of the printed face thanks to the invisible tensioning system.
  • Quick and easy posting: just 15 minutes needed to post a 12 m² billboard (remove the profiles, position the poster, replace the profiles).


Enhance the quality of the image!


Changement d'affichage
Glue-free billboard thanks to our Cristal KIT

Cristal Kit

For posting operations from the ground

Dry-posting kit, available in 8 m² and 12 m² formats, designed for use without glue on existing traditional billboards after removing the profiles or delivered with a complete framed or free-standing display.

The advantages:

  • One-shot printed image, protected by a glazed front for an enhanced lifespan.
  • Quick and easy posting: just 10 minutes to change a 12 m² poster.
  • Safe: posting from the ground.


Cristal kit

Technical features

LC Kit


Dry-posting a printed face,
LT KIT retrofit solutio: watch the video

Cristal Kit