For displays over 15 m² with unlimited format possibilities!



Moviflex is a mobile store-front display with an integrated face-tensioning system for posting large format faces from the ground.

  • Safety: face-changing from the bottom of the display using the manual or motorised winch system (even for very tall displays).
  • Quick and easy: face changing can be performed by your POP staff.
  • Flexibility: the movable horizontal profiles make it possible to post different sized faces in the same frame.

mobile store-front display


Giant mobile store-front display

Rigiflex CRIP

Our Rigiflex CRIP is a static zip-in store-front sign. Simply zip in your posters for guaranteed tensioning!

  • Reliable: ideal for tensioning large format store-front displays without any risk of them coming loose (wind, storms…).
  • User-friendly: all posting operations are performed from the front for easy access. The sign comes with 2 sliders for perfect tensioning.


Our Prismaclips sign is a backlit lightbox with clip in face-tensioning plastic hems for unlimited communication!

  • Attractive one shot face (no seams).
  • Lightweight and customisablefor all formats.

backlit lightbox with clip in face-tensioning


Monumental total covering

Monumental total covering

PVC advertising banner with peripheral eyelets for fixing with cables and tighteners or directly to a wall with plugs, screws and washers. Total high-end covering in all simplicity!

  • Ideal for extra big formats.
  • Economical: PVC skin


Prismaflex prints a selection of high-end large format stickers and decals:

  • Standard, either transparent or non-transparent, for long term campaigns.
  • Repositionable, transparent or opaque, for greater flexibility.
  • Micro-perforated, to see out without being seen stickers that ensure the light shines through.
  • Plasticized floor decals with a non-slip treatment in compliance.

A complete range for all your requirements!

  • Optional finishes: mirror printing, white ink backing, plasticization for underfoot campaigns.
  • Tailored formats.
monumental stickers


Assembly & installation

Prismaflex can help you find a qualified partner for the hanging of your monumental full covering display.

Watch the video made by our Prismaflex UK subsidiary of the posting of a monumental display at Birmingham University for DMA Signs.