Early November Prismaflex installed 6 Prismatronic LED displays in the streets of Wuppertal, Germany, for the Ströer group.

Digitalisation is underway throughout Germany

A pilot project for the Ströer group: the first LED screens were installed in Wuppertal.


Premium technology 

The Prismatronic 11m² displays have been produced using the very latest in LED technology. The screens were manufactured by PrismaChina, the group’s new China-based production site then integrated and controlled in France. They incorporate our exclusive BBM software for enhanced monitoring solutions and improved operations management.


Greater proximity communication

The dynamic displays were set up on strategic high-traffic sites to maximise impact and visibility.

Display content switches between advertising, editorial content and local news bulletins (upcoming events), weather forecasts… all created in collaboration with the communication services of the town.


Why Prismaflex?

Prismaflex International already has a strong footing on the German market via its subsidiary Distec and has a number of years’ experience of producing LED advertising solutions and provides innovative DOOH product ranges combining outstanding quality and compliance with all major international standards and requirements including EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) – just some of the reasons for choosing Prismaflex and Prismatronic.