Following on from the success of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Prismaflex manufactured and installed 133 scrolling signs and 280 city lights in the city of Moscow.


 New perspectives for Prismaflex with the high-growth Russian market

In early 2014, Prismaflex officially partnered the visual communications campaign around the Sochi Winter Olympics. Today, to handle the flood of projects in Russia, the Saint-Petersburg sales office will become a fully-fledged subsidiary sometime this year.

The role of the new site will be to integrate part of the production of the signs and to strengthen the customer service offer by optimising customs duties and procedures.


 413 signs delivered directly to Moscow by the Prismaflex teams of international experts

Prismaflex recently worked alongside two major companies and important customers Vera Olymp and Terra Project.

For the projects in question, Prismaflex developed a new battery system meaning the displays can operate autonomously during the day and automatically recharge while running at night thanks to the public lighting electric grid.


 Prismaflex’s Russian, German and French teams all worked hand in hand on the different projects to come up with various 10m² doubled sided displays: 66 signs for Terra Project and 67 for Vera Olymp.

140 double-sided city lights were also manufactured for Vera Olymp, and 140 double-sided Curba Flame city lights for Terra Project: in all, 413 Prismaflex International signs up and running in Moscow.


Business is booming on the international scene for Prismaflex, with Russia as the perfect example: 130 scroller/static Curba Flame city lights are currently being installed for a new client along the streets of Moscow.


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