For more than 30 years, Prismaflex International have been manufacturing display solutions such as electronic signs for municipalities in France and Europe. Prismaflex is today digitalising cities with outdoor digital displays called EID: Electronic Information Displays.

panneaux mobilier urbain digital pour les villesSo what is an EID?

An EID is a type of outdoor electronic information display designed specifically for municipal authorities and often referred to as city-light, electronic newsboard, electronic display or dynamic display. Our EID electronic display is an extension of the black and white displays and brings with it a number of significant advantages.
Prismaflex proposes a range of LED displays with varying designs and functions according to municipal needs. Our EID enhance the proximity between the city and its inhabitants by communicating and relaying local information.


Our Electronic Information Displays are recommended for communication between the city and its inhabitants, to relay information or promote an event (municipal, cultural, sport) notably via digital media content.
Transform your city into an innovative connected and upbeat smart city with our urban design EID that blend in perfectly with their urban surroundings. Use them to give the time, weather updates and information on the quality of the air.


panneau lumineux information ville

Digitalising your city

These city lights include LEDs for brighter and more dynamic messaging. Our EID for municipalities is composed of high-quality material to withstand climatic conditions and an urban environment to ensure long-life and durability.

Dynamic content

For successful communication and management of your information, you need to animate your content. Prismaflex can help you with templates and the possibility of programming playlists.
For this you simply need our user-friendly PCM software. This means you can easily and safely post digital media content without any other material or installation requirements, just a PC and Internet connection.
You are then in a position to display the information you want, when you want, on whatever digital screens you choose with just a click or two!


panneaux d'affichage digitaux