Prismaflex is the only French company with its own LED module production plant.


PrismaChina is:

  • 6,500 m² factory space.
  • 140 employees.
  • 2,000 m² production capacity.
  • A strategic location in Shenzhen at the heart of the LED ecosystem.


Prismachina, our LED module production plant in Shenzhen – China, was inaugurated in 2015 and quickly reached its cruising speed, driven by the rapid growth in demand for our Prismatronic LED screens and displays.

Prismachina is the alliance of two companies to produce LEDs:
We created our own production plant to guarantee quality LED products

PrismaChina is a huge success for Prismaflex International and definitively places Prismaflex among the key players on the OOH market.