The Brasilian press talks about Prismaflex.

The Brasilian press interviews one of sales managers of Prismaflex, Michael Jacqueline, in charge of the development in America-Latina.

Michael Jacqueline, Director comercial América Latina


Prismaflex, present in more than 120 countries, concentrates a part of its forces in the Brasilian area thanks to a unique combination of design and innovation, especially for its Prismatronic digital signs.

Michael Jacqueline presents the last innovations of the group, from the creation of Graph’it®, really used in the printing activity of Prismaflex, to the Blue Tech® signs made autonomous thanks to solar energy, and the Prismatonic LED signs more and more efficient.

The Group, besides being present in all the continents, also has a huge experience of the OOH (Out Of Home Advertising) and a great capacity of production. Thus, at the beginning of the year, we opened a factory producing LED modules in China in order to allow us to manage all the production line, from the LED module to the integration of the screen in a sign designed and made in Europe.

Then, in this time of Global crisis, the Brasilian customer can be reassured on the quality of the Prismatronic signs at the cutting edge of technology…  and make his purchase profitable thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by the LED signs.


To read all the article (in Portuguese) published in Grandes Formatos in July 2015, click here.

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Outside sign LED
Digital billboard
Inside sign LED