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Focus on the brand new Russian subsidiary

2m²_Vera Olymp_Russia_2014_BD
2 sqm city light Russia for Vera Olymp

A reinforced team to serve our Russian clients, a huge potential for Prismaflex.

After being a successful Partner at the Sotchi Winter Olympics, the company installed more than 500 displays:

  • double-sided city lights,
  • 10m² scrolling signs.


LED in France: the recipe for success

Testimonies of employees:

Isabelle, production assistant @ the Prismaflex Green & Digital Center:”…I assemble the LED units, wire up each cabinet… For us, Made in France isn’t just a buzz word…”

2 sq Blue Tech sign
2 sqm Blue Tech sign


Blue Tech® autonomous solar powered displays

Technology-up and running!

After several years of R&D research, Blue Tech® is ready! Here are the test results:

  • scrolling operations: display autonomy is always guaranteed, wherever you are,
  • backlighting: from 7 to 4 hours per night, according to geographic zone,
  • our experts can help you optimizing the efficiency of your display (exposition…)


Sustainable printing: increasingly respectful

Mains vertesInnovation has always been part of Prismaflex DNA, just like its environmental programme. The R & D team strives to provide our clients with innovative solutions that fully respect the environment:

  • eco-friendly substrates such as Graph’it®, Ecotex
  • waste management 
  • recycling  programmes


From left to right : Jean-Philippe Delmotte, GM, Natalie Bassouls, Marketing manager, Tony Parker.

Prismaflex and sport

  • Fifa World cup Brazil: 70 Prismatronic for Rio
  • Summer and winter Olympics : Prismaflex was there!
  • Prismaflex official partners of the Tony Parker Camp and Asvel basketball club


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