Innovation again and again!

With some 30 years’ experience in providing solutions for indoor and outdoor communication, Prismaflex is now expanding its range of Indoor LED innovations.

Following the launch of the HDC (Hanging Die Cast) with the first displays operating in New Zealand, Prismaflex now proposes a motorized HDC model.

For even more lively and eye-catching communication, the rotating LED screen system offer unparalleled advantages while the 3.8mm pitch high definition screen offer unbeatable image quality.

Finally, the die cast aluminium structure makes fine adjustment of modules possible for perfect results with a totally flat line-free screen.


First to hang

The first motorised displays were installed in a shopping mall in Australia.

Our Prismatronic displays are manufactured in our Chinese subsidiary PrismaChina, specialising in the production of LED modules.


Suspended Led Screen double face
Suspended Led Screen double face