The world’s first solar-powered backlit advance sign Blue Tech® by Prismaflex International

Solar-powered billboards are now a reality thanks to Blue Tech® technology developed by Prismaflex International. The doubly-patented innovation that has received 3 awards (INPI, VISCOM, FEPE) is based on a unique and patented process from Sun Partner and developed by Prismaflex for a winning combination of photovoltaic cells and printed film.

With the printing technology enabling the photovoltaic cells to remain invisible, this technological breakthrough is going to revolutionise the OOH advertising market with a new generation of solar powered displays.


Installation of the first 100% autonomous solar powered advance sign!

After many years of R&D and in-situ testing, the Blue Tech advance sign is at last ready for marketing and the first was installed in Rousset (France) for the ST Microelectronics production plant.

This collaboration is significant with the installation of the 1st 100% autonomous solar powered advance sign, and all the advantages this implies: constraint-free backlighting, immediate use and cost-friendly.

In a legal context that aims at limiting the total number of signs, the emergence of a fully-autonomous backlit advance sign represents a significant breakthrough!

The Blue Tech® advance sign is not only backlit it is also a ‘smartsign’ with static and dynamic lighting solutions, adjustable brightness and other integrated programmes.

The installation of the ST Microelectronics backlit advance sign comes after the deployment of a number of Blue Tech® technology city lights in Lyon, LOU Rugby, and in Belgium.