6x3 scollers in Moscow
6×3 scollers in Moscow


After opening its new Russian subsidiary earlier this year, Prismaflex pursues its rapid development in Russia with the installation of another large format backlit scrolling sign network in the very heart of Moscow.


The high-growth Russian market!

Prismaflex International continues to develop its activities in Russia with the recent installation of the first much acclaimed 6mx3m large format scrolling signs in Moscow. These signs are just the first of a major order for 150 signs for the capital and already the reactions are extremely positive.

The expertise of our German subsidiary (Distec) to produce for the Russian Market.

Among the world’s manufacturers of advertising signage capable of providing 18m² scrolling signs, the group’s German subsidiary is one of the most qualified on the market today. Over and above the refined elegant design, that corresponds exactly to the client’s requirements, the first 20 displays that were delivered to Moscow all integrate scrolling mechanisms that have been specifically designed to stand up to the extreme climatic conditions of the Russian winters alongside top-quality lighting systems.

A combination of know-how and technical expertise that enables Prismaflex to develop its international activities by being constantly one step ahead of the competition and at the same time to strengthen its position on the Russian market following on from the installation of some 413 signs in Moscow last June with a mix of city lights and 10m² scrolling signs.

With five 18m² poster scrolling simultaneously the results are simply breath-taking: according to the director of our Russian subsidiary: “if the displays are great during the day, at night they are simply outstanding. Our client is over the moon!”

In 2015, Prismaflex International will pursue is development in Russia with the confirmed installation of yet another 130 scrolling signs (6mx3m) in and around the streets of Moscow.

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