After indoor, outdoor is now going digital to strengthen brand POS presence. The shopping experience begins as soon as the customer arrives in the parking area, at the entrance and on the buildings that make up the mall.

As a preferred partner for professionals of the advertising world and mass retail sector for more than 30 years, Prismaflex is today a key provider of digital solutions for retail areas. Prismaflex screens and LED displays are reputed for their reliability, their durability and their accessibility. To assist and accompany you through each stage of your digitising project for even greater communication, we can provide:

  • An on-site audit to enable us to propose a solution that is legally compatible with local and national regulations.
  • The stock-taking of all signs subject to local outdoor advertising tax to reduce the overall expense.
  • The deployment of a full renovation programme for a network of environmentally friendly and standard-compliant screen.
  • To select the best exploitable locations.
  • An appropriate technical proposal with material that complies with applicable regulations and covered by a five-year warranty.
  • All foundation, installation and transport operations.
  • The maintenance operations of your screens and displays via a dedicated workshop.
  • Training and assistance in the use of any CMS software to create your media and manage content in real time.
  • Financing and media agency solutions.

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