Prismaflex : new Clear Channel’s key provider for LED billboards.

Clear Channel rolled out their international referral system around one year ago. Clear Channel selected Prismaflex as their LED display experts. For more than 30 years, Prismaflex have been a leading name in the advertising industry, beginning their transition to digital over 10 years ago.  
With its international subsidiaries, Prismaflex is able to react to all of Clear Channel’s needs wherever this may be. Respecting deadlines and the quality management system imposed by the advertising company were decisive in the decision.
Prismaflex controls the full production process and can ensure high-end product quality.
Prismaflex International’s tight quality control and environmental commitment mean the Group’s products respect all regulatory and environmental standards.
As such, Clear Channel is certain the Prismatronic displays respect the required international standards. They are EMC certified. EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) certification ensures the displays fully respect EMC guidelines for electromagnetic environmental control. Current testing methods are performed on a sample basis. Prismaflex International tests its digital displays at both module level (as a component of the screen) and full sign level in real outdoor operating conditions.

In the coming weeks we will present our latest installations for Clear Channel in Brazil, Italy and Belgium.

Numerous other international projects are also underway.

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