Martin Van Wyk, Director of our subsidiary in South Africa, has been interviewed for an interesting article in the Entrepreneur Magazine, the South African magazine reference for decision makers.

This article points also out the advantages of LED signs in the urban communication (Roadside Screen), and the importance of this technology for all brands visibility strategy. Prismaflex’s well-known expertise is also mentioned as the International Group is recognized as a quality LED display manufacturer.



The future of outdoor marketing is here. LED signage ensures brands eye-catching immediacy, relevancy and a way to stand out from the crowd.


Today, brands are fighting for attention. As the market continues to grow exponentially, the difference between high-quality, eye-catching signage and poor-quality alternatives makes all the difference to your brand and whether consumers are paying attention to your message.


As the outdoor advertising industry grows, static billboards are being replaced by digital billboards. Digital offers flexibility, more choices and near immediate turnaround times. Content can be changed instantly, from anywhere.
[…] The images projected can be video or static and the colour is of the highest quality and standard. 
This versatility makes a strong case for the shift towards LED screens for marketing site owners, marketing managers for large retail stores and the over 1 700 malls in South Africa.


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Read the full article and interview, partly available on the magazine’s website and in full in the print edition. The page can be downloaded here as a pdf file.



About the Entrepreneur magazine

Launched in 2006, it is published under license from the American Entrepreneur, the most sold Business magazine for business owners and key decision makers in America. The South African publication is the most distributed business magazine in its country.