Prismaflex International: suppliers of street furniture and billboards,  Europe’s only manufacturer – integrator of LED advertising displays.
A high-demand double expertise at home and abroad.


The expertise proposed by Prismaflex International is in high demand both in France and abroad, from Germany to Russia, South Africa and Spain.
A look back at our international operations and some exported products coming out of our three production units in Europe and Asia.


LED Display




Prismaflex International remains a front line player in the street furniture and traditional advertising display market with a range of products that include bus shelters, city lights, display columns and scrolling signs. For Russia, the group recently delivered sixty 6m x 3m scrolling signs for Vera Olymp. in Spain, Clear Channel won the tender to strategically locate a number of display columns throughout Madrid and approached Prismaflex to supply the material in 2016. The production was performed in our German site and the last of the 164 columns were delivered at the end of January 2017.

As a reputed provider for the ‘traditional’ market, Prismaflex benefits from a trio of high-performance production sites in France, Sweden and Germany that enable it to innovate while maintaining a strong position in this market segment. Some countries continue to prefer traditional advertising techniques despite the emergence of digital solutions; hence the willingness of the company to pursue the development of products that were at the origin of its initial success and for which the company’s expertise has earned a solid reputation.




On a fast-growing market, Prismaflex International continues to strengthen its position in the digital market and pursues the development of its line of Prismatronic LED displays through its China-based production site: PrismaChina.

Seduced by the quality of the service offering and the possibility of integrating LED screens into structures designed specifically for the OOH market , many major names of the advertising world like Ströer have turned to Prismaflex International. This summer the German group will have received some 200 LED signs for locations in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Wuppertal. A real cause for pride when you know that Ströer is a leading actor in Northern Europe and has particularly stringent quality requirements.

Russia also holds promise for Prismaflex and the group’s LED signs. Currently, a network of five 21m² double-sided signs are operating in Moscow.

In South Africa, digitalisation is underway! After selecting Prismaflex in August 2016 for the production of an 81m² sign (4.5 m2 x 18 m), Outdoor Network has again placed its confidence in Prismaflex for the supply of 15 LED 6m x 3m signs. A number of other clients are following suit.


Prismaflex successfully turned digital in 2007 while remaining one of only a few firms specialising in the manufacture of street furniture and large and small format advertising solutions; the recent partnership between Prismaflex and Védiaud Publicité to equip the city of Saint Etienne with street furniture being the perfect example. Simultaneously, Prismaflex International is making a name for itself in the OOH advertising sector and is on the way to becoming a reference for specific format signs and the integration of LED signs in line with the standards of each country. High-demand and highly-acclaimed around the world French expertise.