We would like to thank « Points de vente » and « IC le Mag », for featuring us their in magazines.

An article entitled « L’aménagement extérieur tout confort » in Points de Vente highlights our different outdoor solutions and explains where they can be located, for example in parking areas or on the road side. The article also highlights the ecological aspect and carbon footprint of the different solutions.

The magazine names a number of companies who all produce advertising solutions, including Prismaflex. The article not only describes the solutions, it also refers to other systems that exist such as vehicle detection sensors, dynamic totems and banner solutions for parking areas.

Here is an example of a digital sign Prismaflex propose for POS outdoor communication purposes. Here, the road-side LED display is promoting the Super U stores.

The article in IC le Mag focuses on Prismaflex’s commitment to the environment and combat against The article in IC le Mag focuses on Prismaflex’s commitment to the environment and combat against visual pollution.

Thanks to the Cristal Kit and a static backlit display fitted with Bluetech, Prismaflex stands apart from the competition for its eco-friendly thinking. The patented Cristal Kit reduces waste and increases turnaround time from 2 to up to 4 weeks. Also, the user-friendly tensioning system means no more glue is required. The article also features our static backlit Bluetech sign that was created in 2014. This sign operates using solar energy only. Prismaflex stands apart in the press thanks notably to its various advertising solutions and also its ecological and social commitment. The company is constantly seeking ways to adapt its services to current issues by providing qualitative and innovative products, moving towards sustainable advertising solutions with a strong eco-friendly drive.