Panneau led installé pour une régie d'affichage publicitaire

The recent installation of a Prismaflex digital display is the perfect illustration of the findings of a recent study commissioned by the UPE (Outdoor Advertising Union). The study, made by KPMG focuses on the “issues of Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising”. The study clearly demonstrates DOOH only represents 0.1% of the power consumed by the information and communication technologies sector. While at the same time it represents 3.5% of revenue generated by digital advertising, whatever the media.

Subsequently, the “network of digital outdoor advertising displays in France is four times more energy-efficient than advertising on the Internet. Advertising posted on just one outdoor screen is seen by a much higher number of people than that posted on a computer screen”. This road-side LED display, with a high-resolution 6 mm pitch and imposing format (6 m²) is the perfect example of effective and widely accessible communication.

As a preferred partner of professionals of the advertising world for over 30 years, Prismaflex has skilfully managed the digital transition, proposing today a full range of digital displays designed in accordance with all the quality and environmental responsibility requirements of its clients, advertising management agencies, professionals of the advertising sector, POS, municipal authorities…