A few weeks back, Prismaflex called upon the services of EcoVadis to assess their environmental, social and ethical performance.

médaille d'argent 2021 EcoVadis pour Prismaflex

EcoVadis is a provider of business sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility ratings (CSR). Launched in 2007 in France, it has moved on to become a global network of more than 75,000 rated businesses. The EcoVadis platform allows to assess the integration of CSR in a company’s management system via its policies, actions and results. 

After completing the EcoVadis survey with all required documents, Prismaflex obtained a score of 54/100 for its printing activity, ranking it among the top 23% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the « Printing and related activities » sector. This is an extremely good score, resulting in Prismaflex being awarded a silver medal for its efforts made relating to CSR and more particularly its environmental impact.

This assessment is just another step in Prismaflex’s on-going commitment to deploy a CSR policy that is both coherent and representative of the Group’s values: respect for the environment and eco-responsibility, innovation and quality, listening to employees and clients.

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